Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wrapping up the school year

Hey loyal people of the sea

Finishing out the year, we got a bunch of new tracks for you to play at a bunch of shows. If you're a Stanford student, come see us at theta delt this friday for a party hearty show, saturday opening for Pinot at synergy, or at senior formal in the city. And definitely come by that Yeasayer gig on Monday for our most official awesomeness.

For you off-campus types, we're looking at June 9th down in San Jose with Le Verita for free. They play some awesome awesome downtempo stuff, should be a great time for all.

If you wanna see us and you can't any of these times, let us know! We'll look into adding some gigs in your area and such.

Oh and get excited for new tracks. They kick major ass.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bay Area CAN Battle of the Bands

What it do interweb

Following the release of our EP (check it out in that right sidebar), we've been playing a lot of shows to get the word out. Chief among these fine events is this Friday at 7pm, when we'll be playing at the Bay Area CAN Battle of the Bands in San Jose. Check out the organization's site at and the facebook event to get some more details. The short version: us against 6 other college bands for a chance to open for someone big (ie Dave Matthews) at Shoreline this summer!

Contact us at for tickets (or go through one of the above sites to purchase from TicketMaster) or if you need transportation to get there-- we need everyone to come out and support us as the fan vote counts a whopping 25%!

Thanks for the support, and we'll see you soon.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Loki EP

so its hell of sunny and beautiful and such now a days. flowers, birds, etc.

also in the "being born" category is our first EP. it's called the Loki EP, and it's got 5 tracks--
  1. All the Boys and Girls
  2. Baccalaureate
  3. French House
  4. Indigo I'm Indigo
  5. No Place

we recorded the bulk of the EP about 2 months ago, and have spent the time since mixing, mastering, and dicking around to piss you guys off. now that we're done that, we will have a few hundred copies to sell for like 5 bucks at our upcoming shows (i.e., CAN Bay Area Battle of the Bands). We'll also put it on iTunes and , and stream it for free right here and at at at facebook (and all our other sites).

also, if kindergarten teaches you one thing, it's to share it! tell as many of your friends/acquaintances/enemies/strangers as you can

thanks for all your support, come to the shows, buy the EP, spread the word, love music
--dan, chris, ella, charlie, david

Sunday, February 21, 2010

recording, upcoming shows

Hey all,

So we spent 14 hours in the studio last night recording and mixing for our upcoming Loki EP, which will include 5 or 6 of our originals. The track list is up in the air for now, we still have tons of work to do on the recordings, but we basically finished mastering All the Boys and Girls, you can listen to it on any of our websites, and download the mp3 for free at

Over the next few weeks we'll be releasing tracks from the Loki EP online as we finish polishing them, and we'll release the actual EP in the spring, complete with artwork by our good friend and great artist Katie Chabolla. We're also customizing some t-shirts with her artwork, we'll start selling them in the spring along with the cd.

We've got a few shows coming up too. This Wednesday, February 24th we are going to be playing a short acoustic set at Sigma Nu's Winter SNAPS around 9 PM or so. On Sat. Feb 27th we'll be playing an hour and fifteen minute set at the Stanford CoHo at 8 PM. We've got a few new songs, don't miss em.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Sea People have a blog

This is our blog's s/t release.